Technical/economic analysis of projects

  1. analysis for unique products
  2. analysis for serial products

Final design and sampling

  1. 3D design
  2. production of samples to measure for all requirements

Prototyping and mock-ups

  1. first serial prototypes
  2. production of mock-ups on 1:1 scale


  1. processing wood
  2. processing metal
  3. processing plastic materials
  4. processing glass
  5. processing marble

Building works and assembly of furnishings

  1. walls and ceilings
  2. laying marble
  3. laying tiles

Shipments and logistics

After-sales service



The company mission of Openlab is accurate design, impeccable production and punctual handover of rooms made to measure, parts of designs and "turnkey" solutions. It always guarantees high quality levels both in the design stage and production.



The important partnerships established with big national and international customers and a wealth of experience built up over a number of decades in the design and production of furnishings for businesses and private customers make Openlab a highly reliable company able to offer the widest range of customised solutions.



The approach of Openlab, where the owner Flavio personally handles customers from the initial contact stage to the definition of the design requirements and the implementation of the work, using specialist and skilful professionals in all furnishing sectors, is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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